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More than 3000 people attend Victorian Hospital Emergency Departments suffering burn related each year. 300 of those arrive at the Alfred Burns Unit...

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What is a Burns Unit? The Burns unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital is the designated paediatric burns unit for Victoria. More than 600 children present...

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Burns Alliance

The Royal Children’s Hospital Burns Department and the Safety Centre, together with representatives from the state’s fire services and the Alfred Hospital and The Royal Children’s Hospital Burns Units have...

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Accidents involving children can occur as families go about everyday activities.

  • Would you know what to do if you discovered an infant face-down in a pool of water?
  • Could you confidently assist a choking child or would you know how to adequately manage a child with burns from cups of tea or coffee, boiling water or flame burns?
  • Are you confident you would know what to do for your child when faced with a life threatening emergency?

When The Royal Children’s Hospital Safety Centre interviewed parents to discover why they had not learned first aid, several underlying themes emerged..

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First aid for minor burns and scalds
Immediate first aid must be given; this will prevent the progression of damage and provides good pain relief.
First aid consists of:
  1. Stop the burning process.
    Remove clothing and jewellery, unless it is stuck to the skin.
  2. Cool the burn surface
    Immerse or flood the burnt area in cool running water for 15 to 20 minutes. Never use oil, butter or ointment.
  3. Cover
    Cover the burn with clean cloth or cling wrap.
  4. Elevate
    Elevate affected limb to reduce swelling. See a doctor if the burn is on the face, hands, feet, genitals, blistered or larger than a 20 cent coin.
In an emergency, telephone 000 for an ambulance.
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